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About Us

JayDee Barr learned how to build beautiful homes the old-world way, as a seven-year-old apprentice at his father’s side. As a result his expertise has developed out of his family’s passed-down craftsmanship as well as decades of his own experience.


  • JayDee Barr Construction is adept at helping clients realize their dreams because the company is founded on the idea that quality comes from a razor-sharp focus on getting the details exactly right. This means using only those subcontractors who meet our extremely high expectations regarding quality, timelines and budgets. Frankly, we expect each and every job to be done right, so we find partners for the JayDee Barr Construction team who are experts in their various trades. Finally, JayDee Barr Construction views each client as a life-long relationship. Not only do we work to make your dream happen, we are also committed to ensuring that your vision endures.

  • JayDee Barr Construction aims to provide custom construction services for residential and commercial clients, always meeting the highest expectations of quality and maintaining standards of safety, economy, and punctuality.